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Hedge maintenance on Sydney's Northern Beaches

At Dolphin Property Maintenance the team spend the majority of our time on both the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney looking after many different types of properties. From residential through to commercial we look after them all.

We love hedges

The site of a perfectly groomed hedge is incredibly pleasing. We take great pride in maintaining the perfect hedge, so that you don't have to.

Here are just some the hedges we have recently shared to social media. Make sure you are following us on Instagram to see the great work our team does.

Have you read through our previous blog on hedges where we discuss the different common types of hedges. We also discuss how often you need to have your hedge trimmed based on the type of plant used.

It is important that your hedge is trimmed regularly to avoid it getting too leggy and out of shape. When you leave it too long between trims your hedge will get longer thicker branches loose shape and not be as thick as it could be. When it is trimmed these thicker branches may leave holes in your hedge. Plus the larger branches when trimmed leave your hedge exposed to potential pests.

A dense hedge is one that has had regular trimming. It is the regular trimming that promotes more growth and smaller branches to make your hedge dense. Depending on the type of hedge you have you may only need to call us once or twice each year to keep your hedge in check.

How does trimming help a hedge?

  • It stimulates the growth of new branches

  • Reduces pest infestation

  • Creates a more dense and healthy hedge

  • Shaping it makes it look beautiful

So, how does your hedge look and could it use a little maintenance from the team at Dolphin Property Maintenance?

Contact us today - 0422 951 858

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