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Keeping your hedge looking great

Having a hedge in your garden has many benefits beyond just looking great. They are perfect for providing privacy, colour, design, background, visual barriers, borders, and screens.

When used as part of your overall garden design they can change perspective and provide a sense of space. They can really help to frame your outdoor rooms.


All hedges, formal or informal need to be pruned regularly. Regular pruning will keep your hedge tight and green. Using professionals to trim your hedge and advise on a maintenance plan ultimately is the best way to look after your hedge.

How often

How often your hedge needs pruning will depend on the type of plant that you have used for your hedge and the age of your hedge.


There are many choices when it comes to hedging plants. Here are a few that you may have heard of before.

Murraya - This is an evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage and perfumed white flowers produced in summer. Hugely popular for residential and commercial landscapes.

Viburnum - This is an evergreen shrub with large glossy green foliage. Another popular choice for hedges

Lilly Pilly - An evergreen shrub with green foliage. The new growth is usually a lovely pink through to red depending on the plant. It produces a fluffy flower followed by berries in spring to summer.

Buxus - A well know formal hedging plant which is ideal as borders for driveways and garden beds. Evergreen with small leaves it can form a tight formal hedge which can be easily shaped as it is very slow growing.

The team at Dolphin Property Maintenance can both plant your new hedge or maintain your existing hedge. Contact us today.

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