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Get ahead of those spring nasties in winter

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

You probably haven't notice them yet, but those pesky prickles and unsightly clover are brewing in your lawns right now in Winter, ready to pop up and catch you unaware when you set out to play your first game of cricket this Spring! Now is the time to get ahead of them to keep them at bay before they have had time to germinate and spread.

The best and most cost effective way to have a beautiful, green lawn in Summer, is to prepare it over winter. Here are some simple steps you can follow, to prepare your lawns now and save yourself some headaches come spring.

1. Tackle your weeds

Have a good look over your lawns and check if you have any weeds popping up. Spray your Bindi and other weeds now before they germinate. We like to use a product called BIN-DIE, you can pick up a bottle from your local hardware store, or garden centre.

2. Aerate

You will probably notice your lawn is starting looking a little dry and flat towards the end of winter, this is the perfect time to aerate the grass, and put any top soil onto any spots that may be looking a little sparse. Winter weather tends to compact soil, which can prevent your grass's roots from getting access to the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong in Spring. Aerating the soil creates space for water to penetrate the lower layers and promote growth.

3. Fertilise

While we find the best way to prepare your lawns for winter is to fertilise them in autumn, there are still many benefits to fertilising your lawns in Winter. You can purchase winter specific fertiliser, that is higher in all the nutrients your grass needs to get through the winter months and be ready for spring.

We hope that these tips will help you be able to maintain a healthy lawn through the colder months, and as always the specialists at Dolphin Property Maintenance are ready to help you with all your gardening and hedging needs to keep your lawns looking great during all the seasons of the year. Give us a call today if you would like us to implement these winter tips in your home, 0422951858.

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