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Is your garden out of control?

Has you garden started to take over your property?

Is your garden getting closer and closer to your home and trying to move in?

Are your weeds so established that you are unsure if they are still weeds or if they are now plants?

Do you have shrubs that are now trees?

Maintaining your garden is one of those tasks that can easily get away from you. We are all leading busy lives and staying on top of the garden chores can often to be moved to the end of the list.

If you are going to do it yourself

  • Don't assume that you can do it all in one day

  • Break the tasks into bite sized chunks

  • Ask family and friends for a hand

  • Do the smaller tasks and get a professionals in for the big items.

Choosing a professional

  • Make sure they are a business that has an experienced team

  • Ask about their professional insurance for their work and staff

  • Ask how long they have been in business

  • Will they be providing a quote for the whole job including taking away any green waste

  • Do you want them to add any new plants

  • Would you like them to mulch your garden

  • Are you looking for a one off job or regular maintenance

For over 20 years Dolphin Property Maintenance has been maintaining lawns and gardens on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Choosing a company like our means you are choosing local professionals who are fully insured and knowledgable.

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