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Winter lawn care and maintenance

As daylight savings ends and the cooler nights turn into cooler days lawns require a lower level of maintenance.

If you regularly have your lawns mowed you will notice that this changes from fortnightly to monthly as the active growth slows. During these cooler months it is still important to look after your lawn to ensure it is ready for Spring.

If you mow the lawn yourself now is the time to service your mower or have it serviced by a professional. Leaving your lawn a little longer in winter allows for photosynthesis and a healthy lawn. Servicing your mower and replacing the blades will ensure a clean cut when it is due.


During winter you can press pause on the watering and just offer a little drink if you notice any curling of the leaves. Too much moisture can encourage the compaction of your soil which can suffocate the roots of your lawn.


If you do find that your lawn is suffering from compaction, aerating the lawn can help bring it back to life. Compaction can be caused by traffic across your lawn but it can also be caused by too much moisture or in a spot where water tends to pool.


The cooler months are perfect to take action against weeds. You may even notice them pop up over night. Winter is the perfect time to spray - contact us for all your weed spraying needs.

If you are looking for a professional to maintain your lawn or your lawn and garden, the team at Dolphin Property Maintenance are available.

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