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What is strata maintenance?

If you live in a complex such as a unit block or group of town houses you will have common areas that need to be looked after. Gated communities also will fall under this type of ownership.

All the owners within the complex pay fees to have their properties maintained. A part of these fees are for strata maintenance. This type of maintenance is carried out on a weekly or fortnightly basis to keep your property clean and tidy all year round.

Utilising a company like Dolphin Property Maintenance with more than 20 years experience you are choosing a company you can trust. We know what needs to be done!

At Dolphin Property Maintenance we look after these types of properties in two ways:

General property maintenance, which includes

  • Mowing, Edging and Blowing

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Manicuring hedges

  • Weeding & Poisoning

  • Pruning Plants

  • Mulching

  • Tree Lopping

  • Vegetation & Rubbish Removal

  • Spraying lawns to eradicate weeds/spraying plants to eradicate pests

  • Garden building & Creation

  • Water-blasting

Common area cleaning, which includes

  • Vacuuming of stairs and landings

  • Dusting of handrails, light switches etc

  • Mopping of tiled areas

  • Cleaning of glass doors on ground levels

  • Removal of internal reachable spiderwebs

  • Removal of external spiderwebs outside entrances to foyers

  • Replacement of reachable light bulbs (bulb charges apply)

  • Dusting down of windowsills etc

  • Removal of litter from gardens and paths

  • Blowing, raking and tidying of paths and driveways

  • Remove obvious marks from walls

Your committee can choose for us to look after both outside and inside or just one. If you are not happy with you current service providers or would like a quote to compare, contact us today.

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