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Tips for a maintenance free garden in Sydneys Northern Beaches

Having time to maintain a garden is simply not something that everyone has.

Do you want a lovely garden but just don't have the time or expertise?

As we all know the outdoors is perfect for relaxation but not if you look at your garden and just see a long list of jobs to do.

Mulch it

Did your grandparents have a garden that required constant weeding? This can be a daily task to keep on top of weeds.

Having mulch on your garden beds not only slows/stops the weeds it looks great and keeps nutrients in the soil. Mulch prevents soil erosion and helps to retain moisture for your plants.

Automate it

Having an automated watering system takes away the worry of wondering if your plants and lawn have enough water. Gone are the days of standing out in the afternoon holding a hose and hoping everything got enough water.

Once installed you have a timer set and the hard work is all done for you. Your garden is watered and will be loving you for it.

Outsource it

The best way to guarantee that you have a great looking garden that you can enjoy is to outsource the ongoing maintenance. Naturally you can outsource one or all the tasks so that you can claim back your weekends and just enjoy your backyard.

Depending on your property and the requirements you have, any of these tasks can be carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Some like hedge maintenance may just be seasonally. Ask us for an obligation free quote.

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