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Reclaim your weekends

Are you spending every weekend trying to stay on top of the lawns and gardens at your property?

Or has your garden started to overwhelm you and it has become a stress factor in your life.

The team at Dolphin are here to help you reclaim your weekends. Let us do the hard yards for you.

Here are some tips to reclaim your weekends:

Adjust your mindset - Instead of focusing on how busy you are, remind yourself that you can make time for what is most important to you. This may be time with the family or connecting with friends. It is time to focus on you.

Say no - We too easily end up saying yes to far too many things. Our priorities are all out of whack and we forget to review what is happening. Get rid of the should do's and free up time for the must do's. Your kids don't have to do every sport every weekend and you don't have to go to everything you are invited to.

Schedule it - When you are working you mostly have your day planned or scheduled so why can't you also schedule your weekends. Schedule time for your priorities and schedule time to just do nothing or to read a book.

Switch off from work mode - So many of us continue to answer emails and calls that are out of working hours. While this may be essential for many (self employed) it needs to be managed too. For example - ensure that Friday from 5pm you are not available.

Invest in yourself - Every weekend do something that is just for you. Read that book, go for that walk, watch that Netflix series.

Don't end the weekend early - 'Smonday' - on a Sunday the Monday blues can creep in as you start to anticipate the week ahead. Make sure you finish each working week so that you are not stressed about Monday.

Outsource - To reclaim more time and based on your budget there are potentially things you can outsource. One or many. Get someone in to mow the lawns and do your gardening, find a cleaner, outsource the ironing, find a pool maintenance person and more.

Of course if you are going to outsource your lawns and gardens - give the team at Dolphin Property Maintenance a call.

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