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Plants to add Christmas to your garden

It is the time of year that we are all decorating our homes for Christmas. We add decorations inside and sometimes lights outside, so why not add plants too.

NSW Christmas Bush

Living on the coast of Sydney you may have noticed the beautiful red flowering trees. Growing up to 5m in height these tall slender trees are very easy to grow. The flowering branches can be trimmed at Christmas for a beautiful display in vases around your home.


A small shrub of up to 3m when put in the ground they are more commonly kept in pots. Originally from Mexico this succulent prefers a warm climate. While the leaves are not fleshy the stems do exude a milky sap when cut.

A living Christmas tree

A potted tree is the perfect living Christmas addition. You can leave it potted and outdoors throughout the year, then move it inside and decorate for Christmas. There are various types of conifers and spruce to choose from.

If you need help adding some Christmas to your garden, contact the team at Dolphin Property Maintenance.

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