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Lawn care tips when it is raining a lot

Updated: May 11, 2021

Don't get the Dolphin Team wrong, rain is FANTASTIC for your lawn!

Your lawn, plants and indoor plants (if you pop them outside) will be happier and so much greener. Thunderstorms in particular (not the wind and hail) help to add nitrogen to your garden.

Note: When your soil is low in nitrogen plants tend to go a little yellow.

Rain, particularly during a thunderstorm, helps to bring nitrogen from the atmosphere and into your plants, garden and ultimately your soil.

Heavy and sustained periods of rain can cause other issues for our lawns. While you and we are keen to get back out to catch up on the needs of our lawns and gardens we have to be careful.

Try not to mow when soaked

When you mow a wet/soaked lawn it can cause harm. When the soil it soaked and you are on it with a mower or even just your feet it can cause:

  • Compaction

  • Ruts

  • Stress

  • Unstable roots to be pulled

All these issues may then lead to dead patches in your lawn, diseases and weeds.


With all this rain you may have noticed water pooling in certain areas on your property and particularly in the lawn. If water is pooling in certain areas you may have a drainage problem that needs to be looked at.

A lawn with drainage issues can become water logged. A waterlogged lawn means that less oxygen will get into your soil and can ultimately kill your lawn. Poor soil and poor drainage can mean that your lawn is prone to pests and disease.

Dolphin is here to help

We can help to ensure that your lawn is regularly maintained. Any drainage issues are repaired and your lawn is always looking great.

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