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Keeping chickens in suburban areas

One of the interesting things to have taken place during 2020 and Covid-19 is the want to be more self-sufficient at home.

Many households are baking, preserving, growing food and keeping chickens. The dream of waking up to fresh eggs has become a reality for many.

Check with your council

Northern Beaches Council - You can have up to 5 chickens, hens only, and they need to be kept further than 4.5 metres from a house, public space or food preparation, storage or sale area. Make sure your chooks don’t create a nuisance or cause adverse health conditions.

Why chickens

Chickens can be wonderful pets for the whole family. Chickens are fun to watch, they are affectionate and help to control pests in the garden like slugs and lawn grubs. They are generally low maintenance and low cost to keep plus they love many of your kitchen scraps.

Do your research

Make sure you know How to look after your chickens. They will need a safe enclosure for at night, an area that they can run around in and a balanced diet. Don't forget a cosy spot to roost and lay your eggs. Plus your love, a happy healthy chicken can produce an egg each day for you.

Pet for life

Just like any animal, they are a pet for life, not just for a few months or a year. The average lifespan is 5 to 10 years so make sure you can provide them with a great life and they will reward you in many ways beyond eggs.

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