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Hedge maintenance northern beaches

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Do you have a hedge?

Perhaps you planted a hedge or perhaps you bought a home with a hedge. Either way it needs to be maintained to ensure it stays looking great.

No one wants to own an unmaintained, leggy, woody, top heavy hedge.

Your hedge may be designed to boarder your garden. It may provide privacy or it may be a design feature - It needs to be looked after.

Rows of thickly planted shrubs are the perfect way to define borders and boundary lines. They can keep children and pets in (or out), give birds shelter and food. Like all shrubs, hedges need regular watering, feeding, and pruning to ensure they remain looking great.


Regular pruning with hand shears or power shears works to ensure that your hedge has a beautiful shape. You take the tips off which encourages further growth. As you take the tips off you encourage a multiplying of the bud growth which thickens your hedge. Professional pruning will ensure that your hedge is not just thick at the edges. It will be pruned to ensure light passes to the interior of the plants too.

Pruning when overgrown

An overgrown hedge may take a little more work to get it back to where it should be. It can take several years to get an overgrown hedge back to a reasonable standard. This is due to the fact that the pruning will require cuts back to heavy wood. Once cut back to heavy wood it can take time for a hedge to rejuvenate. Note that this varies depending on the plant, some plants to not survive a heavy cut back.

The key: keep your hedge well maintained


While any shape is almost possible is does vary based on the type of plant that is your hedge. Very large/tall hedges should be narrow at the top to ensure sunlight can reach the bottom of the plant.

The neighbours

Make sure not to plant trees that will block your neighbours views. No one want to find themselves in court over the garden. Ensure that when you maintain your hedge you maintain the neighbours side to keep in good faith.

Got questions

If you have any questions about planting a hedge, maintaining a hedge or anything else. Contact the team at Dolphin Property Maintenance.

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