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Best lawn for Sydney gardens

Do you need to lay a new lawn and are wondering which one to choose?

You need to consider:

  • Water

  • Sun

  • Shade

  • Traffic

The top choice

The Perfect All-Rounder. Australia’s number 1 selling Buffalo grass. Genetically pure Sir Walter.

The number one choice for the majority of Sydney yards is Buffalo Turf. It looks dark in colour, it is soft and very water efficient. Buffalo tolerates up to 70% shaded areas and is generally low in maintenance.

The new generations of buffalo are bred with soft leaf blades making them softer on your feet. They are less invasive to your garden beds compared to Couch or Kikuyu grasses. With a thick growing habit it tends to out compete weeds which look for the gaps to grow.

Features of Sir Walter

  • Genetic Assured Purity - look for the DNA or AusGap certified variety so that you don't end up with a substandard imposter lawn variety 'Sir Walter'. These cheap substitutes have a short life span and none of the attributes of a certified grass.

  • Australian Bred Grass

  • Recommended for Children

  • Extremely Weed Resistant

  • Australia's Most Popular Buffalo

  • Good Salt Tolerance

  • Disease and Fungus Resistant

  • Minimal Mowing and Fertilising

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Proven Shade and Drought Tolerance

So if you would like a new lawn laid or you would like your lawn maintained, contact the team at Dolphin Property Maintenance.

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