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Spruce up your garden for spring!

Are you planning to sell your property?

Or would you just like to get your garden tidied up so you can manage it yourself again?

We have a great list of things you can do yourself or contact the team at Dolphin Property Maintenance to tackle for you.

Here are some great tips to spruce up your garden

Spring clean - Just like inside your home your garden can use a declutter and tidy up. Start by making a list of what needs to be trimmed, cleared out, weeded, planted and more.

Fix things - As part of your spring clean list there are potentially broken fences or garden edging then need fixing or replacing. Don't forget about the garden furniture and garden shed as they may need a repair or new lick of paint.

The dead or deadly - Weeds love to take over your garden so get busy and remove all the weeds from your garden areas. Potentially you have dead annuals, dead branches or others that need to be removed. You garden will now be ready for fertiliser and mulch. A thick layer of mulch will help to retain moisture and keep some fo the weeds at bay.

Pruning - To encourage new growth pruning is always needed. Spring is the perfect time to maintain your roses and trim back any shrubs that may have flowered through winter.

Pressure cleaning - Chances are your patio and paths may need a pressure clean following winter. Driveways, retaining walls and more can all use a clean each year to keep them looking great.

Potted plants - Pots and hanging baskets can instantly brighten and freshen up an entrance. Flowers, herbs and vegetables can all be grown this way and are easy to maintain in pots, just remember to water them regularly.

Lawn care - Is you lawn sprouting weeds, have some dead patches or trampled down. Weeding, fertilising, patching and more, now is the time to get the lawn looking great for summer.

Dolphin Property Maintenance can look after all these items and more to spruce up your garden.

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